Celebrating 50 Years of Nota

Nota, an Australian designed and manufactured range of sports and racing cars, built to the highest level of expertise, offers individually tailored cars for your driving needs, be it for racing, road or a combination of both. Let our 50 years of experience give you the experience of a lifetime.

Our latest venture, the Nota Le Mans, is a car designed for both racing and road use. A quick-release nose cone converts it from an exciting sports car for the open road, to a potential race-winner on the track.

Nota has a long history of building performance cars in Australia to customer specifications. We can provide you with:

  • everything you need from a partial kit to a fully built car. You choose the specification and level of build.
  • Design and manufacture of chassis, suspension components, wishbones and braking systems.
  • Kevlar, carbon- and glass-fibre noses, guards, and associated panels.
  • Alloy panels
  • Build assistance.
  • Restoration services for your road, racing or special vehicle.

Test Drive

Let us give you an experience you'll never forget, the exhilaration of a test run in a Nota. Just ring for an appointment.

Contacting us

Please ring on (02) 9651 2529 or send us an email.  Our email address is info@notasportscars.com.

You can write or come to see us at:

NOTA Sports and Racing Cars
772 Old Northern Road
NSW 2158

NOTA Sports and Racing Cars

Click a picture for details

Click here for details of the Nota Le Mans Supersport Road/Racing Car
Nota Le Mans Supersport
Road or Racing Car

Click here for details of the Nota F1 Quad Cam 3 litre V6
Nota F1 Quad cam 3-litre V6 sports car

Click here for details of the Nota Fang and Nota SuperV
Nota Fang road/racing car
and Nota SuperV

Click here for details of the Nota Sportsman
Nota Sportsman road/racing car,
a traditional Clubman

Click here for details of the Nota Chimera
Nota Chimera
(New prototype under development)

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