Nota Fang our Pocket Rocket alloy tubed road racer, 450kgs of excitement machine.

   Our mid-engined pocket rocket, which weve been producing since the late 60s and which like so many Notas, was developed from a racing car format that Nota used earlier in the 60s. Initially we made these cars with Cooper S mechanicals and later the Lancia engine & gearbox. In the 80s we started using Toyota transverse engine/gearbox and today we are still using Toyota and Honda units. The whole package is designed to get the lowest weight and the resultant best power to weight ratio possible. 
   The Nota Fang is designed for the serious sports/racing enthusiast who also wants a nippy road car. It is truly in the spirit of Colin Chapman's original concept for the Lotus 7, brought up to date with a mid-engined layout. You can choose from a variety of power plants. In road trim and with a modern engine, it conforms to all current and foreseeable Australian Design Regulations.
   The rear engine layout gives the Fang a low polar moment, as the main mass is at the car's centre of gravity. It also allows much more room in the cabin as there is no transmission tunnel or intrusion in the foot well. 

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The Nota Fang's specifications are open to individual tailoring to meet your requirements, be it for road, track, or a combination of both.

Transversely mounted behind the driver. Engine options:
The body of a Fang has 2 main parts; the alloy tub which forms the bottom of the car up to the waist then the top half of the car which is made from fibreglass and which can be easily unbolted from the chassis and tub. This whole package is designed to keep as low a frontal area as possible and provide the wedge profile for down force.
Multi tubular triangulated space frame riveted and bonded to an alloy tub. It is also equipped with a CAMS rollbar.
Adjustable multi link wishbones with alloy spring shock absorbers.
Adjustable wishbones with alloy spring shocks.
 4 wheel discs coupled to twin adjustable bias master cylinders.


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