Prototype GT car which can have the top removed for cabriolet touring with the best of exoticars.

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Chimera_side.jpg (21553 bytes)   The Nota Chimera is currently under development and will be essentially a fully enclosed version of the Nota F1 sports car (which we have tried and tested since 1993), the GT body giving more passenger space and better creature comforts.
Chimera_front_and_back.jpg (38074 bytes)   The Chimera has excellent ride and traction due to a 70/30 percent weight distribution similar to a Formula 1 car. It conforms to all current and foreseeable Australian Design Regulations for road registration in Australia.
Chimera_transposed_on_2003_Monaro.jpg (54377 bytes)   To give an indication of size, the third picture shows an outline of the Chimera against the 2003 Holden Monaro.


The Nota Chimera's specifications are open to individual tailoring to meet your requirements, be it for road, track, or a combination of both.

Transversely mounted quad cam V6 with 4 valves per cylinder developing around 160kw or 180kw  with Toyota or 190kw with Honda engines.
5 speed manual or 4 speed auto.
Triangulated high-tensile and oval tube spaceframe bonded to a carbon fibre tub giving low polar moment weight distribution. The side tubs provide excellent side intrusion protection.
Adjustable oval-tube wishbones with coil-over-shocks providing adjustable ride height and damping.
Four wheel, boosted, ventilated disks with optional bias adjustment.
Fully enclosed aerodynamic composite Kevlar, carbon and glass fibre, featuring an internal nose wing complementing a flat-bottom blending into a rear venturi ground effects system resulting in excellent road-holding and developed down force.
The roof section is easily removable to convert it into a comfortable and stylish open roadster.
Power to Weight:
Weight approx. 720kg, depending upon options, with 190kw Honda giving 3.8kg/kw (better than a Ferrari 360).

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